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ABOUT Lumency

Lumency: Sensor solutions for smart systems, building and lighting

Welcome to Lumency pioneers wireless sensor arrays and smart actuators for integrated smart systems, empowering smart city, mobility, and building applications. From smart lighting to environmental monitoring, our advanced sensors and analytics software drive efficiency and sustainability

Products and Services

At Lumency, we seamlessly integrate Wireless Sensor Arrays and Smart Actuators for diverse smart applications.

Our Embedded Electronic and ICT Solutions meet specific customer needs, integrated into digital twin backbones.

Achieve significant energy savings with our Smart Lighting Systems.

Our Environmental Monitoring Systems offer comprehensive parameter monitoring for effective environmental management

Our Team

We work together as a team. By combining our efforts, we get things done efficiently and correctly. By partnering with our clients, we achieve the best results. This collaboration helps us understand their needs better. Ultimately, it leads to successful outcomes for everyone involved. We believe in open communication and mutual respect, which helps us innovate and do our best work. By working together, we provide great value to our clients. 

Contact us and discover how we can add value to your business.

Key Features

Lumency’s advanced sensors monitor environmental factors such as sound pollution, air quality, and radiation levels. Our analytics software automates anomaly detection and integrates seamlessly with IoT platforms and third-party tools, enhancing flexibility for clients.

Support For Startups

We offer support and guidance to startups in the IoT sector, assisting
them in integrating our smart sensors and actuators into their concepts
At Lumency, we are committed to driving innovation and facilitating the realization of smart concepts for a sustainable future.

Smart mobility

Lumency offers cutting-edge sensors designed specifically for car
batteries, enhancing safety and performance. Our products are integral
to the advancement of smart mobility solutions, ensuring efficient and
reliable transportation systems.


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